Recommendations for the preparation of report

  1. Oral presentations
    § The selected by the Organizing Committee list of oral reports will be provided in the section «Program of the Conference».
    § The report is being prepared in the Microsoft Power Point package; the time for presentation is 10-12 minutes, the time for the questions is 5-3 minutes.
    The language of Symposium is English.
  2. Posters presentation
    § Selected by the Organizing Committee posters by sections under the corresponding numbers are given in the section «Program of the Conference».
    § The poster is prepared in the Microsoft Power Point package, the size of A1 (vertical orientation), the minimum font size is 20 pt, at least 40-50% of the plane is filled with graphical information (figures, tables, formulas), the language is English.
    § The Recommended Sections:
  3. Abstract
  4. Short Introduction & Task(s)
  5. Result(s) & Discussion
  6. Conclusion(s)
  7. References
  • The poster should be viewed as a vivid and compact «advertisement» to your article in the International Journal “Materials today: Proceedings” (Scopus, Web of Science), or in the Collective Monograph, so do not try to overload it with the detailed evidentiary information in the article.
    § Authors of posters should print posters on their own, arrive at the Organizing Committee on May 15 to 9:00, get a place for posters and place posters under the relevant Program numbers prior to the Symposium (until 9:45 pm).