Paper Submission

  1. Paper for journal «Materials Today. Proceedings»

The paper (as minimum 3 and as maximum 10 pages) should be prepared in good English according to the template. Please, DOWNLOAD the tentative  template and the example of published paper in this Journal. [Name of the proceedings]: 5th ISE SSRSEU 2020

The papers with poor English will be rejected by the Organizing Committee without further consideration of reviewers.

Download the paper template and substitute your text into it leaving all formatting as it is.

Save the paper on the surname of the corresponding author, for example “smith.doc”.

The corresponding authors also have to complete and to sign the Journal Publishing Agreement (form Annex C attached).

Important note: Submission of papers for “J. Materials Today. Proceedings” only via journal site starting from 1st July, 2020.

On the case of positive reviews of the INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM COMMITTEE (stage 1) articles will be transferred for additional reviewing to the journal Materials today.Proceedings (stages 2). The Organizing Committee is not responsible for possible poor-quality preparation and rejection of the article at the first or second stages of the review.

     2.Paper for Collective Monograph – please, see example